What are the different types of missions?
There are four different types of missions in Search and Rescue, and I'll try to explain what sets them apart here.

First, from the main menu, we have Free Flight. These aren't really missions, rather it's a way for the player to get used to the different types of aircraft, explore the world and get used to the controls without the pressure of a mission. In Free Flight mode, you can take any aircraft and fly it anywhere without any limits.

Regular Missions are broken into type categories. The first group are training missions. In these, the pilot is assigned a helicopter and told to go pick up a mock victim. Because these are training missions, the pilot is given a navigational aid which shows the direction and distance to the target. This makes finding people and returning to base much easier.

The other type of missions are very similar, but the pilot is not given any navigational aids. The pilot is assigned an aircraft and given directions in the briefing to find and bring back a victim. These tend to be short, fairly easy missions, except finding people can be a bit tricky.

Both training and regular missions can be performed over and over again for practice.

The last type of mission is the Campaign. In campaigns, a series of missions is randomly generated for the pilot and a helicopter is assigned. The pilot is told what their first mission will be (either locate and pick-up a victim or fly to another location). Once the first mission is accomplished, a new mission is assigned. The pilot must perform three to five missions in a row to complete the campaign. In campaigns, there are no navigational aids and finding people, especially in hilly areas, can be difficult. Victims are generally placed within five miles (8km) of the various air bases, but on long campaigns, fuel may become a factor.